Riding your bike on a Sunday afternoon is a wonderful way to get the family active and outside. When picking out a path, a few key elements come into play. Is the path local? Are the paths safe for my family to ride? Is it scenic? Here are a few ways to make sure you find a path that’s right for your weekend adventure.


Ensuring the safety of riders


Inexperienced riders may require a bit more attention on paths that are offroad. Seeking out paved paths will be safer in most cases, as the consistency of the path will have fewer obstructions. Also, Asphalt paths are easier on the tires, which improves longevity and the overall durability of the bike.


Finding a scenic route

The bike path’s surrounding scenery will often determine if the riders are willing to go back. More often than not, pathed asphalt paths can have beautiful scenery all around, especially on the coasts. Also, even more rural areas will have pathed paths for those who want their adventure to be a bit more uphill.


If you are however seeking more of a challenge, offroading can be a great opportunity for that as well. Going through the mountains and traversing more difficult paths can really test your experience as a cyclist, which can be great fun.