Signs It’s Time to Get Your Driveway Repaved

If you’re thinking it may be time to have your driveway repaved, here are some signs to look for in your driveway to confirm that it is time for this service:

  • If there are holes and/or large cracks in the pavement
  • If you live in a climate where the seasons drastically change from warm to cold weather
  • If the pavement is uneven or lumpy/bumpy
  • If water is not running off but pooling in certain areas causing drainage issues
  • If you notice large stains or fading from the sun


Once you’ve determined that it is indeed time to have your driveway repaved, we have some more tips on best practices to get the job done right:

  • You’ll want to get started on repaving either in spring or fall when temperatures average over 50 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees is usually optimal)
  • Consult with a contractor to decide whether you should opt for a thick or thin overlay for the project
  • Add a seal coat to further protect the pavement from extreme weather conditions/UV rays and various fluids from your vehicles

Give us a call today for all your repaving needs and we’ll be sure to get the job done right!