Asphalt has a fair few advantages to its paving and usage benefits. One of the primary benefits for homeowners is how quiet the asphalt ends up being when being driven on. Here are some other tips and subtleties of asphalt that make it a primary option for paving needs.

Prevention for skidding and losing traction


Losing traction is far more common for drivers on concrete. Asphalt has strong traction maintainability, and resists elements well. If you are in a colder and wetter climate, you’ll see this added traction pay dividends. However, still be aware and prepared for black ice slides. While you’ll generally have great traction on asphalt, you still want to be aware of the risks of all driving surfaces.


In more neutral climates, you’ll see skidding happen less often on asphalt as well. Generally, your tires will be able to stick and glide more easily with tight bends as long as the surface is maintained.


This will be highly important if you are a homeowner with an asphalt driveway. Regular maintenance is a necessary component of keeping your home safe.


For any questions on general asphalt maintenance or patching damage, give us a call today. We’ll assess your asphalt on site and give you the best course of action moving forward.